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If you are an independent or 'home-based' rehabilitator, please participate in this survey so that you may represented. Home-based rehabilitators are very valuable to the rehabilitation community, as neonates and seriously injured animals can receive the round-the-clock care and attention they require in the home. It is crucial that home-based rehabilitators continue to be permitted and receive support and acknowledgement of their contributions to wildlife rehabilitation.

Use the Tab key (or your mouse) to sequence through the fields. Note that all numbers are annual unless otherwise indicated.

If a question doesn't apply to you, please leave it blank, or with the default answer.

Prov/State (US and Canada only)
How many animals do you take in annually?
Breakdown by percent:

Do you also accept animals from a rehabilitation centre?

Do you have volunteer help?
How long have you been a rehabilitator?
Do you take calls from the public?
Which rehabilitation organizations do you belong to (Ctrl-Click to select more than 1)

Which environmental organizations do you belong to (Ctrl-Click to select more than 1)

Is your rehabilitation activity covered by laws at the local, prov/state, national or international level?
Yes No
What attracted you to rehabilitation?

What would most likely cause you to give up rehabilitation?
Do you have a computer-based database to keep track of patients and care?

Do you work closely with a veterinarian?
Yes No
Do you communicate with other rehabilitators to discuss problems/issues/techniques?
Do you feel that there are enough training resources available to rehabilitators?
Yes No
If no, what would you like to see improved?
Are the equipment/supplies you need readily available?
Yes No
If no, what would you like to see improved?
Do you communicate regularly with your local, state/prov, and/or federal agencies?
How would you describe your relationship with these agencies?
What do you feel could be done to improve relations with these agencies?
Do you have enough cages/enclosures available?
Are there species you do not handle as policy (as opposed to lack of training)?
Yes No
If yes, which ones? (use Ctrl-Click if more than one)

Do you offer a service to transport animals to your home for rehabilitation?
Yes No
Do you have problems finding suitable release sites?
Do the agencies help you find release sites?
How much time per week do you spend answering requests from the public?
Do you operate a wildlife hotline?
Click for definition