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IWRC's hotline handles thousands of queries from wildlife rehabilitators each year. If you are not a wildlife rehabilitator but require assistance for a wild animal, please visit the Emergency page and click on Find Rehabilitator to find a rehabilitator in your area.

IWRC's Hotline is a service of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. The Hotline is designed to help wildlife rehabilitators with all questions related to wildlife in crisis.

The Hotline is comprised of teams of rehabilitators and other professionals who are expert in their field.

A query to the IWRC Hotline will usually be answered within 24 hours, although the turnaround can be as little as a few minutes to a few hours.

Hotline volunteers accept some queries from members of the public who require assistance but who live in an area where there are no wildlife rehabilitators. In these cases, rescuers are talked through problems and every effort is made to link the rescuer with a professional who can help.

At this time, IWRC does not have the resources to handle public information questions.

IWRC currently has the following Hotline teams:

Birds Mammals
Raptor Team
Songbird Team
Psittacine Team
SeaBird (Pelagic)Team
Hummingbird Team
Waterfowl Team
WadingBird Team
Other Birds
Rodent Team
Marsupial Team
Rabbit Team
Raccoon/Ringtail Team
Skunk Team
Bat Team
Ungulate Team
Marine Team
Primate Team
Felid Team
Canid Team
Other Mammal Team
Amphibians/Reptiles General
Amphibian Team
Reptile Team

Nuisance wildlife/Urban
Environmental Disasters
IWRC Gen. Information
IWRC Membership
Medical/Treatment Protocol
IWRC Website Info

To access IWRC's hotline on the IWRC Online web site, click here.