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Most animals are admitted to wildlife rehabilitation centres because of human-related problems.
They are victims of oil spills, toxic chemicals, pesticides and abuse. Millions of birds are killed or injured every year when they collide with power lines, automobiles and windows - as many as one every 60 seconds. Other wildlife have been attacked by domestic animals, have been injured by shotguns or pellet guns, have been caught in hot tar, glue traps or fishing line or have been injured when their trees have been cut down or their nests destroyed.

An emergency requires immediate action. Are you not sure that the situation is an emergency? These help files provide specific criteria:

Animal in Crisis
(injured, orphaned)
Environmental Hazard
(natural disasters etc)
Illegal Activity
(poaching, abuse)
(animal in building, etc)

If you need to find a wildlife rehabilitator in your area, select Find Rehabilitator on the Menu. If you need directions or want to determine which reahabilitation centre is nearest your home, select MapQuest once you have the address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • For Wildlife Rehabilitation questions, select Rehab. Questions.

  • For solutions to common wildlife problems, select Wildlife Solutions.

  • For general wildlife questions, select General Wildlife.

Select Agencies to help find the agencies that are responsible for the welfare of wildlife in your area. Agency searches can also be performed inside the Help Files above.

If you are a wildlife rehabilitator who requires access to experts in various fields for more direct and specific questions that aren't included in our FAQs, select IWRC Hotline. If you are are rehabilitator who wishes to be included in our database, or wishes to correct information already in our database, click here.