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When you find an injured, sick or orphaned animal, make note of details. It will help the rehabilitator to know the circumstances in which you found the animal, the exact location, time of day, weather, etc. If you are delivering the animal to a rehabilitator, tape a note to the box that includes this information, as well as your name, address and telephone number.

In the fields below, you must pick a country. If you wish to narrow the search, you may also pick a Prov/State/Region and/or a City.

Some wildlife rehabilitators specialize in certain types of animals. However, most will help you find assistance for species they do not handle.

If your search yields a large number of results, you may wish to use the Back arrow to come back to this page and narrow your search by selecting the animal that needs assistance from the pull-down menu.

If your search yields no rehabilitators, use the back arrow to come back to this page and widen the search. If there are no results, click on the Online Help link below the form.

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