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Wildlife International contains more than 500 web pages, and almost 2000 database records.

Wildlife International is hosted by Flare Networks. Flare provides hosting services for both Wildlife International and IWRC Online. Both sites reside on the same Sun Cobalt servers running Red Hat Linux. This allows IWRC to utilize features from both sites to best advantage (the databases, for example.) Flare is noted for exceptional speed and bandwidth, as well as fast-response service.

WI was built using Dreamweaver UltraDev. The database code for WI was written using Cold Fusion technology.

Cold Fusion allows fast back-end database processing. WI uses the Verity search engine through the Cold Fusion server.

We use a MySQL database running on the Linux server. MySQL is a secure, fast database suitable for almost any application, including secure e-commerce.

At release time, our database contained:

  • 700 records in our Literature database
  • 200 records in our Agencies database
  • 250 records in our Frequently Asked Questions database
  • 600 entries in our Find A Rehabilitator database
  • 160 entries in our Supplies database, from 100 different suppliers in our Suppliers database.

All graphics were developed using Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Fireworks. Active graphics content is developed with Macromedia Flash MX.

Much of the maintenance on WI, including all database maintenance, updating and sorting are done by non-technical staff through standard web browsers using Administrative screens developed by WildWeb. As much as possible of the site maintenance, including backup, periodic cleaning, and Search database re-indexing, are done automatically through scripts written by WildWeb.

Wildlife International was created using technical writers, web researchers, graphics artists, and web programmers from Canada, the United States, Greece and Yugoslavia. At release time, WI contained 700 web pages containing 10 Megabytes of information.

Wildlife International was conceived, researched, developed and implemented by WildWeb
Graphics design for WI is by Leap Interactive