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Wildlife International

There are six different ways to navigate WI.

WI contains more than 500 pages of information, much of it dynamically created when you click on a link

Although Wildife International is a complex site containing much information, we have done our best to provide a logical flow through the site, so that you may find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

We have provided six different methods for navigating our site. Click on Navigating the Site to the left to find out more.

The Home Page provides three different Menu areas:

  • On the top left is the main menu bar for those with a general interest in wildlife.
  • On the bottom left, below the Search form, is a general interest area, including this Help section.
  • On the right is the Rehabilitaton section - of particular interest to wildlife rehabilitators looking for the most corrent information in the field - whether it be nutrition and anatomy, or administration and fundraising.

The Site Map shows you the whole of WI at a glance, and from there you can jump to any part of the site. Use the Site Map to explore the site and discover new features.

Click on Main Sections for information on all the links off our Home Page - and the main features of WI. This section also discusses the animals that grace our site.

If you would like to list events or provide information from your organization for viewers of WI, click on Do You Have An Announcement.

Select Technical Info to find out how we built the site, and how it runs.